Terms & Conditions

Lollapalooza Chile is a music, art and sustainability festival who’s objective is to present a variety of bands of different musical styles, national and international, popular and emerging. Consequently, upon the acquisition of a Lollapalooza Chile ticket, each customer is buying a ticket for a musical and cultural experience with these characteristics, not an experience for one band or specific musical act.

Each year, dozens of bands play during the two days of the festival, simultaneously on several stages, which makes it possible for there to be rescheduling issues and cancelations, that will, of course, be duly informed to the public. This means that there will be no refunds for changes in the schedules or for cancelled shows. This event will not be cancelled on account of adverse weather conditions.

Lost, damaged or tampered tickets and/or wristbands cannot be replaced. We ask that you not insist on this.

Access to the park will not be granted if you are not wearing your wristband correctly or if wristbands show signs of tampering or are wearing it loosely.

The authority in charge of public order can deny entry or remove any person who is not abiding by Chilean law, with Park regulations or whose conduct is being considered illegal, disorderly or offensive.

Each person that enters the park agrees to be searched by the Authorities for alcohol, illegal substances, weapons, fireworks, video equipment or professional recording devices, or any type of contraband, which are all expressly prohibited and subject to confiscation.

Anyone who is denied access or removed from festival grounds will not have the right to a reimbursement of the whole or partial value of the ticket.

Ticket scalping or the attempt to resell tickets and/or wristbands for Lollapalooza Chile is strictly prohibited. Access to the festival can be denied to the buyer and/or seller, and the ticket will be confiscated, with no right for returns or reimbursements.

The ticket and/or wristband cannot be used for advertising or promotions (including contests or sweepstakes), or for any other commercial purposes, direct or indirect, without the express consent of Lotus Festival S.A.

The use of the ticket and/or wristband allows Lotus Producciones to use the image or likness of the user in any video screen, transmission, promotion or recording of the event.

We recommend that you wear extravagant and fun outfits so that we can be prompted to take pictures and upload them to social media. Have fun with it!

No animals are allowed on site, with the exception of service animals.